About Marion Boyars Publishers

Marion Boyars Publishers started out in the sixties as the firm Calder and Boyars which was run jointly by John Calder and Marion Boyars. When the firm split in 1975, Marion Boyars Publishers was formed. When Marion Boyars died in 1999, her daughter Catheryn Kilgarriff took over and she is still the Managing Director.

Renowned for publishing adventurous and occasionally controversial fiction and non-fiction, especially in translation, our best known authors include Ken Kesey, Hubert Selby Jr, Kenzaburo Oe, Ivan Illich and Georges Bataille.

Today we strive to keep up these noble traditions and have had notable success in recent years introducing novelists such as Elif Shafak, Latife Tekin and Hong Ying as well the Iraqi blogger Riverbend, author of Baghdad Burning to an English speaking audience.

Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd was acquired in January 2024 by Equinox Publishing Ltd. Please address all questions to Janet Joyce, jjoyce@equinoxpub.com.

About Marion Boyars