Desk copies

For academic desk copies in the UK, our policy is to allow one copy per course, but only in response to a request on the headed notepaper of the college or university, and signed by the course tutor.

In the UK, please email Marion Boyars Publishers at

For permission to make course packs using photocopies of our texts, please email a permission request to or contact the Copyright Clearance Center direct in the USA and the Copyright Licensing Agency in the UK. Web liks are below:



In the USA, we supply desk copies through our distributors, Consortium Book Sales.


We are pleased to offer one free desk copy for every 10 copies ordered. Limit 3 per class. If more than one copy is needed for a class of less than 20 students, the second copy is available for 40% off the cover price, pre-paid only. Please email all such requests for extra copies to

Desk copies are mailed only after the bookstore has submitted the course order. Please include the PO number on your request.

Institution addresses are required for ALL requests. Sorry, Consortium do not ship to home residences or P.O. Boxes.