Disabling Professions
Ivan Illich

'Ivan Illich is a famous and savage critic of industrial society. I am in total agreement with many of [his] wider arguments' Times Education Supplement

In this controversial collection of essays Ivan Illich, Irving K. Zola, John McKnight, Jonathan Caplan and Harley Shaiken challenge the power and mystery of the professsions. Why do we put so much of our available resources into medicine, education and the law with so little apparent result? Why do we hold the professions in awe and allow them to set up what are in effect monopolies? By analyzing these questions and putting forward radical answers, the authors make an invaluable contribution to the public debate on the power of the professions.

Ivan Illich was a renowned philosopher, Irving K. Zola held the post of Professor of Urban Studies at Northwestern University, Jonathan Caplan is a practising lawyer, Harley Shailen is a former Detroit auto-worker, who then taught atMIT.

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Social science

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