English for Au Pairs
Written by Lucy Curtis and illustrated by Lucy Letherland

Every year, thousands of young women, and some young men, leave their countries and arrive in England to look after children, live with a family, and learn English. The host families have to adjust to a person from a different country, and there are a multitude of differences and misunderstandings, on both sides.

This book is an entertaining guide for the au pairs. It is also an English language book which will help them with their English studies. It may also help them understand the alien culture they have landed in, and assist host families realise why their household seems baffling to the new member of the family.

English for Au Pairs has interlinked stories about a group of au pairs new to England. Marta, an 18-year-old from Poland arrives in the UK to work as an au pair. Throughout her year-long stay she has many different experiences - some bad, some good - but with the support of her host family she finds new friends and improves her English.

English for Au Pairs offers insight into the joys and difficulties of being an au pair while at the same time reinforcing English language learning through grammar explanations and exercises.

Lucy Curtis grew up in East Yorkshire in a family of six children, and au pairs were a regular and influential part of her life.

She studied modern languages at Oxford University. During university holidays she au paired in France and Italy and found it a fascinating cultural experience to be admitted into a foreign family’s home life. Subsequently with her own children, she has hosted au pairs who have been great companions and helpers. One of the main difficulties experienced by au pairs is finding suitable English classes which both give them the key to improving their English and finding new friends. She ran a language school for several years, and has taught many au pairs the English language.She lives in Kent with her family.

Lucy Letherland was born and raised in London. She studied for aBAin illustration at the Manchester School of Art. Since graduating in 2011, she has pursued a career as a freelance illustrator, and lives in London, surrounded by paint-brushes, ink and ever growing piles of paper. She also teaches art.

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Price: £9.99
Format: Paperback, 112 pp
ISBN: 978-0-7145-3156-4
Publication date: 7th November 2013
Language / Education