From CBGB to the Roundhouse:
Music Venues Through the Years
Tim Burrows

From CBGB to the Roundhouse is the first ever exploration of the role that live venues have played and continue to play in the development of popular music.

Casting his eye widely across the globe, Tim Burrows examines the facts, myths and characters behind such legendary venues as the Grande Ballroom Detroit, the Astoria in London and The Cloudlands Ballroom in Brisbane. Interviewing some of the people who were there at the beginning and those that are still around today; musicians, technicians, empresarios and ordinary fans, he paints striking pictures of a variety of popular musical movements including Rock 'n' Roll, Northern Soul, Punk and Grunge. He shows how venues have evolved over the years; some going by the wayside, some that have changed with the times and some that have managed to keep to their original ethos against all the odds.

He also looks at contemporary trends in live music - corporate chains, the huge boom in festivals and new projects such as the O2 Arena and analyses how the way we view live music might change in the future.

This is a book for anyone who has ever loved live music and the places that bring it to us.

Tim Burrows was born in Southend, Essex. He studied English with Media at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2006. Since then he has worked at the Telegraph Magazine, as well as writing for the Daily Telegraph, lifestyle/fashion magazine Let Them Eat Cake and music website He has played the drums since the age of thirteen, and is currently in the band Private Trousers. He is not entirely sure, but thinks that that the first music venue he attended was Club Riga in Southend.

'One of your correspondent's most pungent formative experiences was seeing Gaye Bykers on Acid perform at the old Marquee on Charing Cross Road. The club itself, now much missed, was at least as exciting as the band, so Burrows' idea of writing a history of music venues - from the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, to the London Astoria and the Cloudlands Ballroom in Brisbane - is a promising one. The author is also apparently in a band called Private Trousers, of which one cannot help but approve.' Stephen Poole, Guardian

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Pub Date: 3rd July 2009
ISBN: 9780714531625
Price: £9.99/$17.95

COVER DESIGN: Alice Marwick