Horribly Awkward: The New Funny Bone
Edwin Page

A celebration of contemporary comedy which focuses on the current trend for discomfort and the extreme. Covering all major hits of recent years from Borat, Little Britain and The Office to animated smash hits from the US.

Horribly awkward comedy has never been so popular. The trend is for discomfort: we love to squirm at Ricky Gervais’ creations, we applaud as Sacha Baron Cohen humiliates his victims, we relish the feelings of disgust that characters from Little Britain give rise to. This book will look at leading pioneers of the obscene, the cringe-worthy and the extreme.

Including recent UK TV successes such as Catherine Tate, Peep Show, Alan Partridge, Peter Kay, Brass Eye and The League of Gentlemen as well commentary on US shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. Leading us chapter-by-chapter though the new comedy scene Ed Page also looks at the film exploits of comedians like Simon Pegg and many more.

Edwin Page has a first class degree in film and literary studies and has had several stories, poems and articles published in a variety of magazines. He is the author of Quintessential Tarantino and Gothic Fantasy: The Films of Tim Burton also published by Marion Boyars Publishers.

Pub Date: 1st August 2008
Price: £9.99/$17.95
ISBN: 978-0-7145-3152-6
Comedy/Film and TV






COVER DESIGN: Alice Marwick