Sadomasochism for Accountants
Rosy Barnes


Chick noir

' entertaining romp through a strange subculture leading to an unexpectedly disarming climax.' The Glasgow Herald

'This has to be the most unlikely romantic comedy ever, but why does that have to be a bad thing?' Birmingham Life

A highly original debut novel from a brilliant young Edinburgh writer.

When thirty-eight-year-old ‘pale and uninteresting’ Paula is dumped by her long-term accountant boyfriend Alan, she decides that drastic measures must be taken. Spying on Alan and his new, younger girlfriend Belinda isn’t getting her anywhere and a surprise 'artistic' appearance in their flat only results in a restraining order. So Paula decides it is time to lose her boring image and spice up her sex life – thanks to an ill thought out boast to Alan about her wild new horizons, she finds herself in front of the not particularly tasteful red velvet drapes of Liscious; the local S&M Club.

Once inside she finds a strange kind of comfort in the support of her new friends including Luda the transvestite, Dave her adoring sidekick, Gretchen the kind hearted Dominatrix, her wannabe minion Slave Boy and the mysterious, and otherwise naked, Man in the Mask.  When the group decide to pool their ‘talents’ to help bring Alan and Paula back together a hilarious adventure ensues, involving love, bondage, painful misunderstandings, James Bond and an oddly eloquent tree.  

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Rosy Barnes obtained a degree in Fine Art and English Literature and an MA in Theatre Directing before moving to Dublin to form a theatre company with two friends. As a result of some serious twisting of said friends' arms; Bimbo (a comedy for puppets and actors) was born, touring Ireland and Scotland to much critical acclaim. Her comic radio play The Dog House was chosen as the RTE Times’ Pick of the Week and shortlisted for the PJ O’Connor award. Rosy has also worked as a script-reader for theatres, a workshop leader and a visual arts curator and currently lives in Edinburgh. As an arts journalist and reviewer, Rosy has worked for The Irish Times, In Dublin Magazine, Irish Theatre Magazine, The Dubliner, The Express and Echo (Exeter) and as an eater and drinker for The List’s Eating and Drinking Guide.

Price: £8.99/$14.95
Pub Date:  14th February 2009
ISBN:  978-07145-3181-6
Trade Paperback Original





COVER DESIGN: Alice Marwick