The Good Body Guide
Dr. Carole Hungerford


'Orthodox doctors and their patients will have few worries about accepting her general advice on diet. Those who have fallen prey to illness may need the support of wise words of doctors from Harvard, the BMA, or the Royal Society of Medicine. If, however, the reader is keen to keep out of the doctor's surgery and hospital, they could follow this lifestyle plan.' Daily Mail Dr Thomas Stuttaford, former Conservative MP for Norwich South and doctor for over 40 years


‘Explains what we all want to know: why we get sick, how we stay well. No snake oil, just good science and good sense.’   Kate Grenville, author of The Idea of Perfection

This is an easily readable but scientific book, which covers all the major illnesses, and alternative lifestyles, but also looks at factors like  body clocks, amphetamines, low fat foods, food additives, enzymes, genes and DNA, and explains how we can determine ways to live a healthier life, whatever genetic factors have been passed to us by our relatives. Rejecting the routine cocktails of medication, with their complicated interactions and side effects, Dr Hungerford shows how the right balance of minerals, vitamins, essential oils and fatty acids gives the body a chance to keep us all healthy.

It also explains the causes of the major diseases, and how diet and the food industry can assist in their prevention. An essential background to the many half thought out ideologies and life choices which the press commandeers and does not fully explain.

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Dr Carole Hungerford became a General Practitioner in 1975. After working for five years in London, she returned to Australia and divides her time between a rural practice in New South Wales and her inner city practice in Sydney. She is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Pub Date: 12th Feb 2009
Price: £9.99/$17.95
C Format (216mmx135mm)
ISBN: 978-0-7145-3171-7



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