Deeper Into Movies
Pauline Kael


'Pauline Kael is the best, most exciting and illuminating and worthwhile journalistic critic writing today on virtually any subject. The reviews in Deeper Into Movies together have a cumulative power and substance, they reflect each other and glance off each other in provocative and often surprising ways; and in the end the individual responses they record add up to a remarkablly comprehensive and enriching and, yes, deep social and cultural aesthetic. She is one hell of a writer.' Saturday Review

'Pauline Kael is a great critic, and Deeper Into Movies should convince everyone of that. It's not only a movable feast, but a very moving call to faith in the future of movies, and only our best critic could have written it.' Chicago Daily News

'I would study Pauline Kael's reviews like class assignments.' Quentin Tarantino

Winner of the American National Book Award for her film criticism in 1974, Pauline Kael was, until her retirement in 1974, a reviewer and critic of films and filming for over thirty years. Other titles by Pauline Kael available from Marion Boyars are: I Lost It At the Movies, Going Steady, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Reeling, When The Lights Go Down, Taking It All In, State of the Art, Hooked, Movie Love, Raising Kane and Other Essays and 5001 Nights at the Movies.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-0941-8