Destroy All Monsters
Ken Hollings

The Apocalypse starts here ... in this startling literary breakthrough.

In these apocalyptic 'scenes from a history as yet unwritten', America has become hopelessly bogged down in a protracted Operation Desert Storm, Elvis has returned from the dead as a tormented political assassin, there are aliens in the White House and giant monsters on the rampage. Factor in crazed combat robots, the total destruction of Japan, insane conspiracy theories and huge quantities of mindless blood-spattered violence, then get ready for the end of all creation in this stunning literary debut. Illustrated by legendary underground artist Savage Pencil.

Ken Hollings writes regularly for Bizarre, Sight & Sound and The Wire. His work has also appeared in Gargoyle, Fringecore, Frieze and the St Martins Press anthologies, The Last Sex and Digital Delirium. His essay 'In the Slaughterhouse of Love' is included in the Georges Bataille volume My Mother, Madame Edwarda and the Dead Man, published by Marion Boyars.

As well as an extensive catalogue of published work, Savage Pencil has also created album cover art for Sonic Youth, Big Black and Roky Erikson, among others, and has designed sleeves for Virgin II's Cosmic Monsters and Blast First's Angel Dust compilations.

'Ken Hollings' Destroy All Monsters is a hallucinogenic spiral into future nightmare. The bastard son of Harlan Ellison, Orwell and Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira it explodes with paranoia, desperation and the search for what little might be left of the human psyche after the soul has been sucked dry by technology, surveillance and hyper-violence. As visual as a graphic novel, the visions detonate the base of the brain-pan, forcing the reader to fear not only the present, but the doom inducing possibilities that the immediate future will no doubt bring, as the evil of stealth technology becomes part and parcel of our day to day existence. Frightful, gruesome, much too real.' Lydia Lunch

Price: £8.99/$14.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-3062-X
Publication date: Autumn 2001