Maureen Freely

Enlightenment is a tense thriller about the return of an investigative journalist to Istanbul, the scene of her teenage love affair with Sinan, a Turkish boy, as well as the field of operations of her father; a CIA agent. She is forced to confront her past when she is asked by Sinan's wife to help her regain her son, taken away by the American authorities when Sinan is arrested trying to enter the States.

The gripping plot involves a retired secret service informer, a mysterious ‘trunk’ murder and a group of radical young students in a volatile political climate. Maureen Freely’s novel depicts a world where nobody is who they say they are and everyone is a suspect.

‘That rare pleasure, a book that grips on every level, a bold and beautiful novel about history, memory and love.’ Nicci French

Maureen Freely is a controversial writer who is not afraid to criticize the Turkey she loves. She defended Orhan Pamuk, two of whose novels she has translated, when he was prosecuted under Article 301 for un-Turkish behaviour, and has also assisted Turkish authors Perihan Magden and Elif Shafak who were prosecuted under similar articles.

Maureen Freely was born in the United States, and grew up in Istanbul. She was educated at Harvard University. She is a translator, an academic at the University of Warwick and a writer. She now lives in England.

Maureen Freely will be going to Australia in 2008. Visit the Marion Boyars in Australia web page.

'A dark Conradian drama, set in a beautifully illuminated Istanbul, where the past is always with us' Orhan Pamuk

‘Raises pressing questions about Turkey’s willingness to confront its inner divisions’ Guardian.

'Enlightenment is both a gripping novel and a powerful fictional version of the argument that Turkey does not yet subscribe to the levels of democracy and human rights required if EU membership is to mean more than a passport to economic improvement' The Independent

'Byzantine in structure, mischievous in intent, it is as concerned with the garbled and provisional nature of truth as with the minutiae of repression' TLS

'Playing out against a meticulously realised backdrop of Turkey in the years following the Cold War that feels thoroughly authentic, this sinister, complex political thriller snakes to a remarkably subtle conclusion.' Independent on Sunday

'Pick of the Week: Enlightenment is a political thriller enriched by the author's intimate knowledge of contemporary Turkey.' The Age

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Original Paperback 432pp
ISBN: 978-0-7145-3141-0
Publication Date: March 2007
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