Father & I
Carlo Gébler

A book of great merit... Gébler's is a strong authorial voice, unsentimetal and unabashed. The humanity of the author comes through and we begin to share his compassion for his father... highly recommendable' Literary Review

Father & I, is a memoir comparable with John Mortimer's Voyage Round My Father. Carlo's childhood was dominated by his novelist father Ernest Gébler's belief in discipline and Joseph Stalin. When the literary success of Carlo's mother - Edna O'Brien - eclipsed that of her husband, their marriage ended in painful divorce. For years Carlo and his father barely acknowledged each other's existence, until Ernest became hospitalised in 1991. Then Carlo began to explore the mysteries of his father's life, discovering what made him the man he was.

'Painful reading. Like his harrowing novel set in 19th century Ireland, How to Murder a Man, Carlo Gébler's new book is uncompromising in its depiction of cruelties and adversities. After all the tortures and woes inflicted on the characters of that novel, you cannot believe that something won't come out right in the end. But it doesn't. So with the memoir... It's a frightful relationship, evoked with admirable impassivity.' Independent

'...a marvellous book...at times unbearably sad, at others ludicrously funny, it is written with great honesty and charm...' Sunday Telegraph

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-0193-X