Gothic Fantasy:
The Films of Tim Burton
Edwin Page


'I'm for anything that subverts what the studio thinks you have to do' – Tim Burton

“After being immersed in the work of Tim Burton for a while things can get a little strange. You see movement in the shadows and when you turn to look there's nothing there. Life feels slightly unreal. There's a sense of the mysterious hanging in the air like the fog in Sleepy Hollow. You see things in a different light.

When watching the stylised movies which have made Tim Burton a household name it is easy to see why they can have such an effect. They are often like fairytales, communicating to us on a symbolic level, speaking of things far deeper within our conscious and subconscious minds than most films would dare to delve. Issues of alienation, insanity, and a wish for acceptance are among those raised in often expressionist and gothic surroundings.”

Edwin Page takes us on a journey through the films of Tim Burton, through which we gain insights into the mysterious, and somewhat reclusive film director responsible for them.

Films discussed include Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Batman and The Corpse Bride.

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Edwin Page
has a first class degree in film and literary studies and has had several stories, poems and articles published in a variety of magazines. He is the author of Quintessential Tarantino, also published by Marion Boyars Publishers.

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