I Lost it at the Movies
Pauline Kael

I Lost it at the Movies is vintage Kael on such classics of post-War cinema as On the Waterfront, Smiles of a Summer Night, West Side Story, The Seven Samurai, Lolita, Jules et Jim and many more. Her comments are so fresh and direct, it's as if the movies had only been released last week.

'She is a good critic, wonderful in the way she combines intimate practical knowledge with unbuyable human reflection.' John Updike

'I care about Miss Kael's criticism as literature. Her reviews can be read before, immediately after and long after we have seen the movie that inspires or exasperates her.' John Leonard, New York Times

'Pauline Kael is the critic you can read every inch of the way with pure pleasure.' The Guardian

Pauline Kael is the author of many volumes of film writing, including 5001 Nights at the Movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Going Steady, Deeper Into Movies, Reeling, When The Lights Go Down, Taking It All In, State of the Art, Hooked, Movie Love and Raising Kane.

Price: £14.95/$18.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-7145-2975-2
Publication date: Reprinted 2011