More Than Eyes Can See
Rhidian Brook

Script writer of the aclaimed film AFRICA UNITED, directed by Debs Gardner-Pattinson, the extraordinary story of three Rwandan kids who walk to the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, 2010.

High profile radio broadcaster on Radio 4's Thought for The Day

His film, 'Mr Harvey Lights a Candle' with Timothy Spall was seen by millions on BBC 1

Script writer for Silent Witness

An extraordinary account of a nine-month journey made by the author and his family into some of the World’s HIV/AIDS epicentres.  Sent by the Salvation Army to bear witness to the work they were doing in response to the pandemic,  Rhidian Brook, his wife and two children,  follow a trail of devastation through communities still shattered and being broken by this disease: truck stop sex workers in Kenya, victims of rape in Rwanda, child-headed families in Soweto,  children of prostitutes in India,  farmers who sold blood for money in China. It is a remarkable journey among the infected and the affected through a world that, despite seeming on the brink of collapse, is being held together, not by power, politics, guns and money; but by small acts of kindness performed by unsung people choosing to live in hope.

‘Anyone who listens to the Today programme will probably know that last year Rhidian Brook continued broadcasting Thought For The Day live at 7:45am from wherever he happened to be in the world ...We heard him, we were passingly intrigued, we had vaguely taken in that he was doing something worthy, but most of us didn’t have time to register quite what it was. Now he is back, and he is telling us. He has been taught to see the world with new eyes – and he suggests tactfully but with a sense of underlying passion, that we should too…He has taken our Western preconceptions and allowed them to be broken down and reformed and I could identify with the new understanding he himself found…People are learning to cope with a dreadful disease that is ravaging families, communities and whole societies and they are doing it by learning to be open, supportive and loving. This is not a story about despair, but about ‘how to live a life’. – Anne Atkins, Mail on Sunday

'"HIV/ Aids has enough experts," the Salvation Army told BBC journalist Brook as it sent him on this task. "We just want someone to go and see and find the stories." . . . and tell them he does, with a light, deft touch. Without a trace of mawkishness or sentimentality, Brook sets it out straight with heartbreaking simplicity.' – Independent

Rhidian Brook is a previous winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, a novelist, screen and short story writer. He has written articels on faith, travel, social issues and education for newspapers including The Observer, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, and The Daily Telegraph. He is also a regular contributor to Radio 4's Thought For The Day programme.

Including 16 pages of colour photographs

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