Musica Brasileira
Claus Schreiner

Translated by Mark Weinstein

'Comprehensive and scholarly, a fascinating subject' BBC Music

This is the first paperback edition of Musica Brasileira, a blast of cool bossas and sambas from late night Brazil. If you want to know where the Beatles 'Yeah, yeah, yeah' came from (the Brazilian Iêiêiê), this is the book to own. Brazilian music continues to grow in popularity and has been made popular by amongst others, David Byrne and Paul Simon. This book offers an in depth historical background, from the Portuguese settlers and the Amerindians through to contemporary rap, and hip-hop. It contains detailed information on rhythms and instrumentation, together with lyrics in Portuguese with an accompanying English translation.

Price: £9.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-3066-2
Publication date: September 2002