Doing Your Own Research
Eileen Kane & Mary O'Reilly De Brun

Knowing how to get information is a source of power in modern society

This completely new version of Eileen Kane’s bestseller, previously reprinted on nine separate occasions, is an up-to-the-minute, step-by-step guide aimed at enabling students at all levels as well as individuals and community groups to do research in a professional and effective way. A new addition is a comprehensive guide to getting the most from the Internet. Writing in a clear and entertaining style, Eileen Kane demonstrates how to go about recording and organizing information and analyzing results. More importantly, this revised and updated edition of Doing Your Own Research offers solid advice on how to convert research into practical plans, organize for action and use the results for academic and business purposes and to further community, voluntary and personal goals.

Eileen Kane has had a long and distinguished career as a professor of anthropology in the United States and Ireland. She is the research director of major US, African and Irish government projects, chair of the Irish government’s Third World development body and is cofounder of GroundWork, a non-profit organization specializing in participatory research on education, environmental and health issues.

‘If you want to do research and aspire to academic ability, this is the book for you – it will guide and challenge you, and keep you on the straight and narrow of academic integrity’ Irish Times

'This book should have a wide appeal' Times Educational Supplement

Price: £12.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-3043-3