The German Money
Lev Raphael

Part mystery, part family saga, a novel of emotional suspense in which a matriarch’s death unearths unthinkable secrets of the Holocaust.

‘Lev Raphael is a daring writer – one who will not be restrained by genre, but who tells his story with all the tools at his command. The German Money combines all of Raphael’s estimable talents, delivering an emotional thriller about a totally believable contemporary family coming to terms with fifty years of silence.’ Edmund White

‘Lev Raphael’s new novel is a powerful, haunting and erotic tale. The stunning narrative builds to a shocking denouement and kept me turning pages faster and faster to learn the truth.’ Linda Fairstein The Bone Vault

Three siblings come together when their cold, unemotional mother dies. They have each been left an inheritance, but it is very uneven. One son, Paul has been left the German money, $1 million of German reparation money, a gift as cynical as it is generous. He is suspicious about his mother’s sudden death and decides to investigate. The siblings quarrel over money, and also visit their Alzheimer-riddled father in his nursing home, racked with guilt for abandoning him. Lev Raphael has written a novel in which the problems of a contemporary Jewish family find their roots in the unspeakable secrets of Holocaust survivors. Comparable to The Reader by Bernhard Schlink.

Price: £9.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-7145-3099-9
Publication: 27 November 2003