A Very Active Alphabet
and other Alphabet Rhymes

illustrated by Kate Somme

Aa was once an apple pie,

Bb bit it, Cc cut it, Dd dealt it, Ee enclosed it, Ff fought for it, Gg grabbed it, Hh halved it, Ii inspected it, Jj juggled it, Kk kept it, Ll longed for it, Mm mourned for it, Nn nodded at it, Oo opened it, Pp peeped at it, Qq quartered it, Rr ran for it, Ss stole it, Tt took it, Uu upset it, Vv viewed it, Ww wanted it and Xx Yy and Zz all wished for a piece in hand!


ISBN: 0-7145-3304-1
JUNE 2005

Praise for Marion Boyars Children's Books:

Yorkshire Today
'designed to familiarise children with the ABC while being funny and interesting' (On A Very Active Alphabet)

Children's Books UK:
'An excellent series of rhymes for young children'
'An original collection of brainteasers' (On Rhymes and Riddles to Rattle your Reason)

Teaching and Learning Magazine
'Offering a selection of tongue twisters, rhymes and riddles - all complemented by colourful and original illustrations - children will find these books delightful.'

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A Very Active Alphabet, illustrated by Kate Somme, ISBN 0-7145-3304-1
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